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Are you lacking motivation? Need a passionate, fun and qualified motivator to whip you into shape?

If this is you then please contact me for inspirational training sessions and guidance to completely change your life! I went through obesity as a kid (110kg at 16 years of age) so I understand and empathise with people in a similar situation. Its tough mentally, physically and emotionally. I turned it around for me, now I'm helping turn it around for others.

I will ensure you feel comfortable with me, energised and inspired and have a suitable training regime for your goals and abilities. I like to create an environment my clients are excited to turn up to train


"Before Training with Dave, my exercise routines were very boring consisting of running outside and casual trips to the gym which were not benefiting me at all. I have been training with Dave for a month now and I have never felt better about myself. Dave's easy going and fun nature creates a very comfortable atmosphere.What i love most about his workouts is every session is different- he constantly challenges me through circuit training, weights (which i've always lacked confidence in until now) and different forms of cardio indoors and outdoors. Dave doesn't just stand there and watch...he works out with me which is a massive motivator and he aways manages to push me past the point i normally just give up! Every workout is a sweat sesh!
Since training I have noticed a real improvement in my fitness and my overall confidence.
If you want results and if you are willing to work, you won't find a better trainer!" - Ana Ljubicic (Client)

"I had been training with personal trainers for over a year but it had always felt like I was just going through the motions – and as a result never really felt challenged or excited about training!

With a professional swimming career behind me, I am competitive in nature and loved the way you instantly picked up on this and managed to find ways to challenge me during every training session. One day I will beat you on the rower…

Due to my medically restricted diet I was often tired and unmotivated arriving at the gym – but you were always in a good mood and rearing to go – making it impossible to leave the gym feeling anything but happy and positive! J

Good luck with the move to Sydney Dave, I know you will succeed in everything you put your mind to and will very soon have many many clients rating you as highly as your Perth clients do.

You know you will be missed, so keep in touch" - Tammy Souster (Client)

"At the start of the year our gym was great, members were happy, staff relations were great and the general ambience around the gym was fantastic........than along came Dave.

It is amazing how one person can have such a profound effect on an entire facility. We thought that the gym was a great place to be before, but with Dave as part of our team the gym really has become a truly unique and exciting place that everyone wants to be a part of. Dave's outgoing nature, his unique sense of humour, and his ability to talk to and really get along with people from all walks of life has enabled Dave's professional life to grow exponentially in an incredibly short time.

Never have I seen a Personal Trainer so truly dedicated to his clients and their results, and his sharp increase in clients is definitely testament to this. Dave's Personal Training clients are forever remarking about how fun the training was despite the fact they have been pushed to their limits.

While Dave's departure from our company is a devastating loss - one which will be extremely difficult to replace - we wish him the absolute best in his future, and we know that no matter where Dave goes his future in personal training will be an extremely prosperous and fulfilling one due solely to his own hard work and dedication.

Our door will Forever remain open for Dave should he return to Perth!"- Alyssa Doyle (The Cove Health First Fitness Club, Perth)