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Alcohol Free Days
By: Peak Physique

Alcohol Free Day’s


For those of you in the know, you will understand that an AFD is something that we trainers push pretty hard for!  Some of our clients prefer to have an AFD.  Some of our clients prefer not to have an AFD, and, quite frankly, would prefer we did not ask about how many AFD’s you had this week!


So what’s an AFD?


Quite simply it’s an Alcohol Free Day!


Now, an alcohol free day may sound like a crazy idea to many.  For example, if you look at the rates of longevity and lower incidence of cardiovascular disease in Mediterranean countries where they are consuming 1 – 2 glasses of red / day, you may argue that the consumption of red wine promotes health!


Unfortunately when the number of glasses consumed / day increases from 4-7, so too does the rate of fatality form such cardiovascular related illnesses!  You may suggest that red wine is bad for your health!


Considering other factors like a higher consumption of “good oils” (olive oil) in such Mediterranean countries as opposed to a high consumption of  saturated fats in many westernized countries, you may very well suggest that wine has nothing to do with it and diet is the critical factor!


So you’ve heard the expression “its not the beer that makes you fat, but the nuts you eat with it!”  This statement has some truth as Alcohol coming in at a whopping 9 calories / gram (equal to fat) is also your body’s preferred immediate source of energy.  Therefore your body utilizes the fuel from alcohol before any other nutrient.  So the buttered bread, main course, side order of potatoes and cheese & biscuit platter could be very well stored as “unused fuel” when accompanied by a bottle of wine!  Remember “unused fuel” = Fat!


So, what do we do?  Cut out wine?  Eat lettuce & water?


Here are some strategies:


1)            Reduce your current schedule by half:  If you drink everyday, cut it down to one day on, one day off.

2)            Consider your alcohol content in your Total calories:  therefore when you drink, simply eat less.

3)            Have an exercise back up plan:  If you have a goal to achieve, and your alcohol consumption is getting in the way, do an extra session for EVERY drink consumed over and above your normal training regime!


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Added: 02-08-2011