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Carbohydrate confusion
By: Brad Sheppard

Countless Carbohydrate Confusion!

Carbohydrates are hot on everyone lips at the moment! No matter who you talk to, they are on a modified carbohydrate diet, the famous “Atkins diet”, not eating carbohydrates after 3pm, eating carbohydrates by themselves and even not eating any carbohydrates at all!

Now, if you read the pages of who weekly, you will hear that Jennifer Anesteen? And Madonna both whip themselves into shape by simply “eliminating carbohydrates” and, as they often proclaim, complimented by the elongated after shots that “the results are amazing”!

But can we eliminate carbohydrates all together? Are carbohydrates our friend or foe? And why do popular and commonly held beliefs about nutrition such as the “Healthy eating food pyramid” supported by the government, suggest that as much as 80% (in some cases) of our daily nutrients come from carbohydrates?

So, who do we believe? Surely the look of Jennifer Anesteen could be considered as desirable for many females, but going against the advice of the government’s healthy food pyramid might not be considered optimal, however if you read “Dr Atkins” strategy you will hear how organizations such as the wheat growers union has in the past supported the construction of such “health eating pyramids”.

Let’s look at some facts:

1) Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred source of energy
2) Carbohydrates are useful for your brain functioning – most useful!
3) Over consumption of carbohydrates can trigger off a dramatic Insulin response which can make you fat!

Now remember that a calorie is a calorie, and quite simply if you consume more calories that you require or utilize then you will get fat!

In any reduction program, if you are not doing sufficient activity to burn off ingested nutrients, then regardless of how “low fat” the food is, you may not get the results you are after!

To put it simply it is safe to reduce carbohydrates if you have a specific purpose, however you must eventually replenish your bodies supplies of glycogen (produced in the liver from the conversion of carbohydrates to energy). How low the carbohydrates can go and how often you need to replenish your body’s supplies of carbohydrate will depend on YOUR body!

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