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Fully functioning abdominals
By: Brad Sheppard

Fully Functioning Abdominal Fibers!

Part 3 in our Abdominal Trilogy

If you have been enlightened with our previous articles you would have found the following to be true:

1) If you want you abdominal muscles to show you need to lose body fat
2) Everybody has a six pack! Sometimes it just a little hidden!
3) Although your six pack (Rectus Abdominus) gets the most attention, there are other main parts that need to be emphasized
4) There are 3 main parts top your abdominals, these being your Rectus Abdominus, your Oblique musculature and your Transverse Abdominals

Today’s Peakology gives you some simple strategies to have all 3 abdominal muscles in top shape!

1) Rectus Abdominus: your Rectus Abdominus is easily stimulated via any movement whereas you flex your trunk (roll your chest towards your hips). As you can see, even by doing this whilst you are sitting behind your PC chair or, better still, on your Swiss ball you can consciously activate these particular muscles. Now, we need to add some resistance and typically your bodyweight is the easiest from of resistance you can have. Try this: lying on the floor, Place a rolled up towel or folded pillow / cushion under your lower back, bend the knees with the feet on the floor, hands on the opposite shoulders & tongue on the roof of the mouth. Now “Roll” your chest towards your hips and describe the sensation.
2) Oblique musculature: Your Oblique Musculature is active in many planes of motion, however to successfully isolate them and understand their role and activation simply do the following: lie on your side, have something comfortable supporting your elbow (a small pillow is fine). Now, place your elbow under your shoulder ( as if you are going to bear weight on it). Using your feet (on their side and locked together), your knees and finally, your elbows as supporting mechanisms, simply raise your hips off the floor as high as you can. You should feel the activation of the muscles down the side of your body closest to the floor.
3) Transverse Abdominals: these muscles are in a class of their own and require a full explanation on how to successfully activate and utilize. To feel the role of your TVA, simply lie on your stomach, holding your hands in front of your chest, using your feet, knees and elbows as anchor points, simply lift your hips off the floor. At this stage, activate your TVA by drawing your belly button to your spine. If you have successfully mastered the movement you should find a “flattening” of the midsection and the energy drawn into the abdominals at the front as opposed to the muscles of the lower back.

If you are unsure on how to do any of these exercises (and many more), why not have one of the 11 highly skilled Peak Physique trainers show you through the best Abdominal workout you have ever had!

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Added: 14-10-2011