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Lunch This Week
By: Brad Sheppard

Lunch this week

It is quite often at the start of the week that you are confused about what are the best selections to get you through till Friday.

If you are like most, your “fresh eating plan” always starts on a Monday & once you break it, well, the “fresh eating” week is kind of wrecked from there! Does this sound like someone you know?

One major killer of your plan is being BUSY! Many successful people we train suggest that the easy & quick strategies we provide them with are particularly useful.

The important thing to remember is that it’s OK to eat foods that you crave every now & then! Simply eat the Caramello Koala & get on with your day!

If you want to eat well at lunch this week, but are often on the run, try these suggestions:

Monday: Subway club wrap with all salads & a little Chilli sauce & diet ice tea

Tuesday: 2 X Salmon Sushi Rolls from a take away OR 2-3 plates of Salmon Belly & rice at Sushi Station & Green Tea.

Wednesday: 4 Ryvita crackers with sliced Fat Free Turkey, zucchini, & a thin spread of fat free Philadelphia cheese.

Thursday: Hungry Jacks flamed grilled chicken burger with no sauce / mayo.

Friday: Cafe’ / Restaurant style Octopus Salad (eg – Coffee Club) including, lettuce, octopus, avocado, cherry tomatoes & balsamic vinegar.

Saturday: Nando’s pita without mayo & corn on the side

Sunday: Merthyr Bowls Club Grilled Chicken Salad

Give it a go & have a great week!

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Added: 14-10-2011