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No time to think about eating
By: Brad Sheppard

I’ve got no time to think about eating!

Busy? Always feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Are there deadlines and people pressing upon you to get things done NOW? Probably most of us can relate to this, and you find yourself getting caught up in the “thick of thin things”!

Now, popular motivational strategies tell us to become more focused & adopt a positive mental attitude, however if you are following the wrong principles, you are likely to become efficient at getting yourself more off course and away from where you want to be!

A similarity exists between this idea and the way you construct your daily eating regime. You see, if you can align yourself with the correct strategy or Principles for your eating program, then provided you have successfully mastered your time management techniques and are applying some positive mental attitude, and still making the wrong food choices, you may well become efficient at moving further away from your goals!

In a nutshell, if you want to lose a few kg & you are eating your 5 small meals / day, however they are not the best choices…you’ll get fat!

Making food choices that correctly suit your scenario and goals is tricky as there are too many ideas and strategies to list and if we applied all of them, we would have ourselves eating certain foods because we were a certain blood type, not eating carbohydrates after 2, 3 or 5pm, eating only cabbage soup or possibly only surviving on air (that one was not too popular!). Therefore it’s no wonder that people are confused because the information out there is so diverse, a lot of the ideas make sense (when correctly promoted), but you must always consider what is best for YOU!

Your strategy should not be complex, and the way I commonly coach busy people to success with their eating is doing the following:

1) Create an adequate, regular & complete protein intake for your activity level
2) Include some good fats – don’t get “fat-phobia”
3) Balance the plan with good complex, low GI carbohydrates

To summarize, get some help to find what foods will contribute to your eating success, which will align with your principles and will conveniently fit into your schedule and then feel the difference in your energy levels!

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Added: 14-10-2011