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Peak Contractions
By: Brad Sheppard

Peak Contractions

Ever wondered how to get the most out of your muscles on every single repetition? Squeeze them with Peak Contractions! “Peak Contractions”? Don’t you mean “Peak Physique Contractions”?

...Well, you may develop a Peak Physique after using the technique!

Every time that you perform a strength training exercise you have the ability to create a mind-muscle connection. It sounds almost spiritual, however the key to understanding your body (and how to improve it) comes from understanding it.

Throughout each exercise your trainer says “squeeze”, “contract” or simply “feel” the muscle. These words are very powerful, as you can dramatically change the emphasis of your training, just by changing the way you squeeze each exercise!

That squeeze that you employ during each exercise has been termed the “Peak Contraction”.

Peak contractions have existed for years in bodybuilding circles – But you do not need to be a bodybuilder to use them!

Anyone who strength trains can employ a Peak Contraction to get the most out of the exercise!

Try this

1) Pick an exercise, say tricep press downs.
2) As you complete the repetition (down the bottom) really squeeze your triceps muscle. Focus on the squeeze in the back of your arm (triceps) and hold this for 2 seconds
3) Continue to do this throughout your set (of say 12 repetitions) and describe the sensation!

I guarantee this technique will give you more rapid progress! How good is that!

Till next week, keep pumping and squeezing!

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Added: 14-10-2011