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Peanut Butter
By: Brad Sheppard

Peanut Butter

It concerns me when I see “low fat”, “97% fat free” or “light” on the side of a food package. This is mainly due to the fact that with many foods including yogurt, muslea bars & biscuits, this low fat label generally means – high in sugar!

I had noticed that Light Peanut butter exists, but had never really checked it out, until just recently.

I will clarify a few things on Peanut butter:

I am a fan of it, it’s a great source of nutrients. Yes, it has a lot of fat in it, however the fat is what we call “good fat” & therefore encouraged for you to eat. It’s a Natural food that is less processed than many & if you buy the peanut butter from the “Mr whippy” machine at the health food store, that’s all you get – peanuts. There are also some great variations that are delicious including almond, cashew & macadamia butter!

What I noticed is that “light” Peanut butter is actually higher is sugar than regular Peanut butter, quite a lot higher. Per 100g, Light Peanut butter has 30g sugar or 30% sugar, compared to regular Peanut butter that has 8g sugar or 8%!

Sure, light Peanut butter has actually less fat that regular Peanut butter 25g fat / 100g as opposed to 38g fat / 100g, however I am concerned that they have simply taken out some of the (good) fat & added sugar (lot’s of it) which is basically wasted calories!

What about the taste? Maybe you should try for yourself. The light Peanut butter is definitely sweeter than the regular & after one tablespoon full; I was craving another, which is very common with high sugar based foods.

I would also be concerned that the GI will be much higher with the light peanut butter meaning less satisfaction & more need to eat sooner!

My advice: Stick to the real stuff, from the health food shop!

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Added: 14-10-2011