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Protein Powders 1
By: Brad Sheppard

Protein Powders

With so much conflicting information about eating programs these days, it’s no wonder that people are turning their interests to supplementation as an adequate source of nutrition. Regardless of the nutritional strategy you employ, there will be some “expert” some article, or feature on Brisbane Extra that has you question exactly what you do.

Supplementation has been hot on the lips of people after the Pan Pharmaceuticals indecent. Quite frankly of all the supplements that I have sampled and protein powders consumed I have yet to find one to make me hallucinate…but I keep trying…oops…consuming!

In addition to this you will find many nutritionists that will suggest that supplementation is completely unnecessary, and there may well be some truth to their argument. Well. the truth be known, that you can satisfy your daily protein requirements with “real foods”, but sometimes it just too hard to prepare that chicken breast in between meetings, but consuming a shake is virtually no problem at all.

I found myself laughing at a supplement advertisement in a U.S.A. bodybuilding magazine, and the caption said; “you may never eat real food again!” Interestingly enough, some of those protein supplement shakes taste so damn good, with flavors like café-moccachinno and caramel honeycomb; you just could not go wrong! There may be some truth to the supplement company’s motto!

The Facts

• Whilst engaged in regular activity you need somewhere in the vicinity of 2g of protein per kg of lean bodyweight per day (this may increase as you activity does).
• This is best divided up over 5-6 smaller meals to help absorption
• Eating your protein with your carbohydrates lowers the GI, therefore prolonging the duration of satisfaction (you get less hungry)
• Excess protein (like any nutrient in excess) will make you fat.
• Most people I assess do not meet their minimum protein requirements.
• Protein shakes provide an easy way to supply your protein in a tasty and easy format.
• Protein Shakes are not only for bodybuilders or those looking to build muscle.

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Added: 14-10-2011