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Protein Powders 2
By: Brad Sheppard

Protein Powders – Part 2

After identifying a number of key issues that pertain to protein powder, we can safely suggest the following:

1) Protein Powders are an easy way to satisfy or increase your minimum protein requirements
2) Generally speaking people under consume protein relative to their requirements
3) There is no need to over consume protein
4) Although you can easily satisfy your minimum protein requirements through your daily food intake, there is a high chance that a protein powder will provide a time efficient, highly bio-available (easily used by your body), cost effective and tasty (in most cases) alternative.

What to look for in Protein Powders

Protein powders from different supplement companies will be often promoted for their benefits; for example, WPi (Whey protein isolate) is generally recommended as the most superior source of protein at over 90% protein and minimal carbohydrates and fat. This type of protein is particularly useful as a high source of protein. This product is suitable for individuals on most eating programs.

WPC (Whey protein concentrate) is highly regarded as a useful source of protein as it is a blend of protein sources and theoretically provides a “timed release” of amino acids into the system. Generally speaking WPC will be approximately 80% protein and is suitable for those on low carbohydrate and low fat eating regimes also.

MRP style (Meal replacement) style powders have gained popularity as the blend of protein and carbohydrates provides adequate delivery of these nutrients in a controlled dosage and will generally be a combination of 50-60% protein and 40 – 50% carbohydrates. The majorities of products are low in fat and utilize low GI (Glycaemic index) carbohydrates.

Which one is right for me?

For the majority of clients that I consult to they find satisfaction in WPC protein powders, as they are able to have good quality protein with low carbohydrates and fat that not only tastes good, but is a little more cost effective. As we increase the commitment to achieve bigger goals then we sometime switch to WPi protein powders as they are the superior product.

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All Australian Company “BodyScience” is leading the way in the development of quality supplements and is also my personal choice. Their technical support line 1 800 359 933 will provide answers to any of your questions, or simply visit them at to learn more.

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Added: 14-10-2011