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Psychology for Peakology
By: Brad Sheppard

Psychology for Peakology!

Picture this: You are on the Spinning bike, you have been traveling for just 11 mins, but the drills are really making you work for it, but sure enough you want to finish your 15 min session, as you are now out of the saddle, the tension on the resistance hand has increased to the point whereas you think it can’t increase any more! But you are being pushed along “just hold it for 30 seconds more” your trainer says, and you are sure that your legs are going to explode, your heart rate has increased and the only conversation you can make is a “YES” as you finish!

Ever been in this situation before? What thoughts are going through your head? I know of many situations that I have experienced this feeling with people and the ability to overcome such challenges, such obstacles is overwhelming. The feeling is real. It’s hard to describe to someone unless you have been there and experienced what it is like to challenge yourself. The amazing thing is that, as humans, when put to the test we can produce amazing results!

To give you an example of how one client put this to me…she said the everyday when she when she would look in the mirror she would constantly affirm herself of the amazing progress that she had made, now this is before she had (physiologically) made it! She was setting herself up for success even before she had produced the results. Needless to say that the results came!

This strategy is amazing and you should try it for yourself. I will give you an example of how I will apply this straight away. This weekend I complete at a 24Hr Mountain Bike race, and being part of a team we have a support network amongst ourselves, however personally we will be battling the environment, the weather, hunger, dehydration, sleep deprivation etc. When you combine these things you can see where the real challenge is!

My race plan is always to finish the race in good health and enjoy myself. Simple. My strategy is as follows: Every potential challenge that is placed before me I will find a solution that fits into my race plan. I will give you an example of one way I have motivated myself in the past. If it rains I will think about “singing in the rain”…sound crazy? (Remember its 24hrs!) but thinking of singing in the rain in the middle of a 24Hr Mountain Bike race I have no alternative to either smile, laugh or sing, because in my head in thinking “just laughing and singing in the rain”

Try this strategy for yourself:

1) Pick a situation in your current training plan that is sometimes (or always) really tough.
2) Choose a word, a song, a positive affirmation that will make you feel happy or strong.
3) Keep that thought in your head & enjoy the experience!

Have the most fantastic week you could have ever imagined!

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Added: 14-10-2011