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Shock the body
By: Brad Sheppard

Shock the Body

I am still amazed after 18 years of creating my own programs & 10 years of personal training individuals, the amount of people that do the same things every time they train!

If this sounds like you, then read on!

Remember the saying, “if nothing changes, then nothing changes”, well this statement is very true when we apply it to your exercise and training program!

A typical scenario that I see is the person that walks into the gym, straight up to their favourite bike, with their favourite magazine, adjust the seat, plug in their ipod headphones & program their “usual” level, lets say it’s level 6 & peddle away for their favourite time of 20 mins!

The problem we have is that the body almost expects you to do that activity because you have done it for so long. The body has become stagnant & although you are exercising, you are simply going through the motions!

I see even more people doing this with their strength program, pushing through their repetitions, 7, 8, 9 (it’s getting a little hard) & 10, the finish! You may have had the ability to perform 12, 13 or 14 repetitions, but you have got into the habit of stopping at 10. Whats the story there?

Quite simply to make progress, you need to shock your body!

Have you ever tried a different type of cardiovascular class? Ever run outdoors? Ever tried to push your weights past the magic number of 10?

Well this week is your chance! Try something different, shock your body & look forward to promoting more results!

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Added: 14-10-2011