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Static holds for strong muscles
By: Brad Sheppard

Static Holds for Strong Muscles

If you are looking to add some spice to your strength training program, often it is thought that the only way to improve is to try & lift heavier. This can be challenging, as the body really likes to get comfortable at a certain amount stimulus.

So you can be lifting the same weights for weeks with no change!

The trainers at Peak Physique employ a number of great variables to your training (which I am sure many of you have experienced at one time or another!). One of these techniques is the use of static holds.

Also know as Isometric (static) contractions, they are a really useful way to spice up your routine, add some variety & often progress!

Try the following:

1) During a set of, say, dumbell bicep curls, you will continue to lift as usual throughout the set.
2) As you near the end of the set (and your muscles are fatiguing) you will curl the dumbbells up to about half way.
3) Here you will attempt to hold the weight in place for an additional 20 seconds. You will experience a definite burn within your muscles and need to concentrate to hold the weight in place!
4) Finally, lower the weight with the remaining (if any) strength you have in your biceps.

Don’t be worried if the first few times, you find it hard to hold them for the whole 20 seconds, you can build up to this!
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Added: 14-10-2011