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Stop Slouching
By: Peak Physique

Stop slouching!


I can imagine your position now, glued to the screen, relaxed, shoulders slouched, head down & forward, back rounded, relatively comfortable however somewhat stuck in this position. Isn't that right?


Now remember when your mother would say “pull your shoulders back” or “stand upright”.  We have all heard it but now, more than ever before with over 85% of the adult population experiencing some degree of lower back pain, those words are truer than ever!


An individual with good posture will therefore be more efficient and waste less energy. An individual with poor posture will waste more energy to perform the same tasks. Developing great posture will give you more energy - period. How good is that?!!


Here are three simple steps you can follow to immediately enhance your posture and energy:

1)       Stretch while you are behind your computer – remember that stretching for 1 min every hour, on the hour (8 minutes of average working day!) will be more effective than nothing at all. Stretch the neck, upper back and shoulders primarily.

2)       Feel the muscles that run either side of your spine, they run from just above your butt all the way up to your neck.  Gently press these muscles with an aim to feel a soft, spongy feeling.  If you need to shift your body to adopt this position, do it, and then aim to create this feeling as often as possible. Retest yourself every 30 minutes, the results will be amazing!

3)       Stand up and sit down as much as possible – you not only work the muscles to achieve this but also blood flow and nervous activation (ever had a numb butt after sitting too long?)


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Added: 18-08-2011