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Price: $15.00
FlyActive Wrist Pocket - Mini
Fly Active Mini Wrist Pocket - Perfect for your keys and cash. Id tag inside for security and peace of mind. Available in great range of colours Be the first to review this product!
Price: $20.00
Fly Active Wrist Pocket - Large
Fly Active wrist pocket - carry your credit card, cash & keys close. Id tag inside for security and peace of mind. Machine washable. Available in a great range of colours Be the first to review this product!
Price: $35.95
Fly Active Audio Armband
NEW Fly Active Audio Armband. Fits most Ipods and smart phones. Emergency ID tag inside. Be the first to review this product!
Price: $30.00
Fly Active Waist Pocket
NEW Fly Active waist pocket. Fits all your valuables in it - phone, gels, keys, cash. Inside mesh pocket to keep keys & coins seperate. Elastic fitted band stops bounce and the plastic lining keeps the sweat off your valuables. Emergency ID tag inside. Comes in black with a range of zip colours to choose from. Be the first to review this product!
Price: $20.00
Hilly Light Weight Folding Cap
Made from lightweight Supplex™, this Wicking cap provides UV protection with 3M Scotchguard fabric. Coolmax® mesh side panels for extra air flow and cooling. The folding brim enables cap to be packed away. Adjustable rear strap with reflective trim and reflective logo and piping to enhance night-time visibility. White (One size: adjustable) Be the first to review this product!
Price: $15.00
Handy Drink Bottle - 500ml
500ml handy drink bottle. Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in hand. Easy to use screw top with pull/push mouthpiece. Be the first to review this product!
Price: $10.00
Handy Drink Bottle - 250ml
Handy 250ml size drink bottle. Ergonically designed to sit comfortably in the hand. Easy to use pull/push mouthpiece with screw top. Grab one for on the run. Be the first to review this product!
Price: $20.00
Sporty Girls Gear Visor
Great new visor from Sporty Girls Gear. Terry towel lined front means no sweat on your brow. Elastic back means no adjustments needed. Super comfy to wear for run, golf, tennis, walking - whatever your outdoor activity. One Size fits all Be the first to review this product!
Price: $5.00
SiS Smart 1 Gel
Caffeine stimulation that‘s easy to swallow - 60ml Smart 1 Gel combines our unique GO-Gel technology to deliver energy with a whole host of extras. Imagine a caffeine kick helped along with blood that flows easier, down even the smallest capillaries, delivering more nutrients and stimulation to active muscles Smart 1 contains 50mg of caffeine per gel. Caffeine to give you that extra stimulation. Blackcurrant anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant, for improved night vision - great for drivers and night events. High Caffeine levels are often associated with a blurring of vision and these anthocyanins may reduce this. Citrus Bioflavenoids, another powerful antioxidant, has been shown to improve caffeine absorption, and work synergistically with the other antioxidants. Together these functional ingredients will improve blood flow, protect against oxidative stress, improve night vision, improve alertness and reduce cramp and muscle strain. ...and don‘t forget because it’s based on award winning GO-Gel technology you get a rapidly absorbed carbohydrate energy boost! All this functionality crammed into a great tasting berry flavour gel. Also available in powder form - 45g makes 500ml Be the first to review this product! "
Price: $89.00
Goddess Pants 3/4 Purple Wings
A very flattering and forgiving pair of yoga pants. Divine in colour! This purple is rich and royal and deserves to be worn well. Rayon lycra is a very soft fabric. Derived from the cotton plant, this allows the fabric a great deal of stretch whilst retaining good strength. The roll over waist band is excellent for supporting the tummy. This looks great and helps out on those days when you are feeling like a little support from your friends. The wings on the bottom are in a deep lilac colour. These are wonderful and gorgeous and extremely happy. Partially covered by the roll over waist band, it is cute to see the wings poking out from underneath the waistband. Arent we all yoga angels? At Divine Goddess we think so. Connect with your angel within in the Divine Goddess Pants in Purple Wings. Fully machine washable and extremely durable. These are a great pant to have in your wardrobe. Enjoy your life, enjoy your yoga xxx JUST ARRIVED!!!
Price: $45.00
Have a Laugh Hotpants Red
The Divine Goddess woman likes to have a laugh. She can do this in our stunning and very practical Have a Laugh Hotpants in red. These pants are manufactured from the fabric Rayon lycra. A natural fibre that is derived from the cotton plant. This allows the fabric to be soft yet strong. Beautiful whilst still being very functional. Washing is a breeze in these pants. Well for the pants at least! The side detail is very flattering. Pull the drawstring if you enjoy the gathered look or leave it full length if that is what you prefer. Hot yoga is just the thing in these pants. Divine Goddess Women are feeling divine on and off the mat. You will too once you try these wonderful hot pants on. Enjoy
Price: $59.00
Satya Pants Grey
Comfortable whilst looking fabulous is the key to feeling good. At Divine Goddess we believe it is every woman's right to feel good and look great. You can do all of this and more in our Satya Pants. Manufactured from high quality Rayon Lycra, these pants are extremely comfortable. The fabric is derived from the cotton plant. This allows the pants to have great movement whilst keeping their shape. They will not pill or make kness when you are wearing them. The waistband in grey is beautiful to look at. The black lotus flower on the back of the pants denotes new beginnings in life. We can create exactly what we wish to receive if we really choose to believe. Do just this in your Divine Goddess Satya Pants. Machine washable and extremely durable, these are pants you will wear off the yoga mat and beyond. Enjoy these divine pants.
Price: $19.00
Yoga Strap Princess Purple
We love to practice yoga at Divine Goddess. There are many different styles of yoga and these differing styles use various props and helpers. Yoga Straps are just that. Designed with love and care to help you into position when your body may not be as accomodating as you may wish. Holding the position for a little longer to allow the body to open to this place is possible when using a strap. Adjustments by a teacher are divine but a helping hand from your yoga strap can be just as good. The possibility of self practice even when it is challenging becomes available. Divine Goddess Yoga Straps are made from 100% cotton. They are 2.5 metres long and have a high quality D ring for a clasp. This is a high quality and very hardy and durable product. Love to practice yoga, love to live life JUST ARRIVED!!!
Price: $69.00
Gold Pearl Drop Hoop
Pearls are the stone of sincerity and purity. They are known to stimulate the mind with clarity and wisdom. Pearls help to focus the attention. Many cultures feel that pearls increase ferility and ease childbirth. Living with the lustre of pearls so close to the skin is a blessing and a delight. Pearls also increase physical vitality. These hoops are manufactured from 24 kt Gold Vermeil. 24 kt Gold is coated generously over the hoops of sterling silver. These are a precious piece of jewelry. Pearls bring brightness and a sense of innocence into our lives. Enjoy this incredible pair of earrings. A percentage of the profits from these earrings goes towards childrens charities around the world. Bringing hope and faith to children who may otherwise not find it. JUST ARRIVED!!!
Price: $59.00
Lovely Laura's Legging 3/4 Black Lotus
These have got to be the most comfortable leggings we have ever tried. Fabulous, fantastic pants. Made from rayon lycra, a natural fabric that moves and breathes with you. The leggings feel incredibly soft to wear. Almost like a second skin, that hugs you. These pants will not pill or make knees when you are wearing them. Leggings like these are wonderful to wear, truly a joy. We cannot say enough about how great these pants are to wear. The lotus on the bottom is sweet and subtle. The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings. Opening the heart and living with trust. We designed these leggings with our friend Laura in mind. She loves to wear leggings and loves to practice yoga. She wears our leggings to yoga practice all around the world. We love Laura and her leggings, they are both lovely. JUST ARRIVED!!! "
Price: $49.00
Women's Top Grey Double Strap
Manufactured from the natural fibre of rayon lycra. This is one of our most suportive and strongest of tops. The double strap grey top will accomodate a very strong yoga practice or any other type of exercise. The cross strap detail of the back is beautiful and very functional. Supporting the breasts whilst keeping the beauty of your yoga practice alive. At Divine Goddess we would like our yoga clothing to represent the beauty and timeless tradition that is yoga. Union of the breath, the self and the spirit. This style of living will only be suitable with breathtakingly beautiful clothing. You will find the most beautiful and functional products on the market at Divine Goddess. We believe in our clothing and we believe in ourselves. This tank has an in built shelf bra that provides excellent support for the breasts. Fully machine washable and extremely durable. Enjoy your life, enjoy your yoga, enjoy your self!! JUST ARRIVED!!!