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Price: $45.00
Have a Laugh Hotpants Red
The Divine Goddess woman likes to have a laugh. She can do this in our stunning and very practical Have a Laugh Hotpants in red. These pants are manufactured from the fabric Rayon lycra. A natural fibre that is derived from the cotton plant. This allows the fabric to be soft yet strong. Beautiful whilst still being very functional. Washing is a breeze in these pants. Well for the pants at least! The side detail is very flattering. Pull the drawstring if you enjoy the gathered look or leave it full length if that is what you prefer. Hot yoga is just the thing in these pants. Divine Goddess Women are feeling divine on and off the mat. You will too once you try these wonderful hot pants on. Enjoy
Price: $59.00
Satya Pants Grey
Comfortable whilst looking fabulous is the key to feeling good. At Divine Goddess we believe it is every woman's right to feel good and look great. You can do all of this and more in our Satya Pants. Manufactured from high quality Rayon Lycra, these pants are extremely comfortable. The fabric is derived from the cotton plant. This allows the pants to have great movement whilst keeping their shape. They will not pill or make kness when you are wearing them. The waistband in grey is beautiful to look at. The black lotus flower on the back of the pants denotes new beginnings in life. We can create exactly what we wish to receive if we really choose to believe. Do just this in your Divine Goddess Satya Pants. Machine washable and extremely durable, these are pants you will wear off the yoga mat and beyond. Enjoy these divine pants.
Price: $19.00
Yoga Strap Princess Purple
We love to practice yoga at Divine Goddess. There are many different styles of yoga and these differing styles use various props and helpers. Yoga Straps are just that. Designed with love and care to help you into position when your body may not be as accomodating as you may wish. Holding the position for a little longer to allow the body to open to this place is possible when using a strap. Adjustments by a teacher are divine but a helping hand from your yoga strap can be just as good. The possibility of self practice even when it is challenging becomes available. Divine Goddess Yoga Straps are made from 100% cotton. They are 2.5 metres long and have a high quality D ring for a clasp. This is a high quality and very hardy and durable product. Love to practice yoga, love to live life JUST ARRIVED!!!
Price: $69.00
Gold Pearl Drop Hoop
Pearls are the stone of sincerity and purity. They are known to stimulate the mind with clarity and wisdom. Pearls help to focus the attention. Many cultures feel that pearls increase ferility and ease childbirth. Living with the lustre of pearls so close to the skin is a blessing and a delight. Pearls also increase physical vitality. These hoops are manufactured from 24 kt Gold Vermeil. 24 kt Gold is coated generously over the hoops of sterling silver. These are a precious piece of jewelry. Pearls bring brightness and a sense of innocence into our lives. Enjoy this incredible pair of earrings. A percentage of the profits from these earrings goes towards childrens charities around the world. Bringing hope and faith to children who may otherwise not find it. JUST ARRIVED!!!
Price: $29.00
Women's Top Turquoise Sport Crop Top
This is an all purpose crop sport top. Manufactured by hand in divine rayon lycra. Rayon fabric is derived from the cotton plant. This allows the fabric to be very strong and very soft at the same time. We wear our sport crop tops from Divine Goddess all the time now, instead of bras during daily life and during practice. Nothing feels softer and you can almost forget you are wearing a sports bra. Turquoise is the colour of the ocean, timeless, transcendant. The white lotus print on the front of the top signifies new beginnings. The opening of the heart and the awakening of a deeper faith. Fully machine washable and extremely durable. This top lasts very well. Divine JUST ARRIVED!!!
Price: $29.00
Women's Top Practice Top Deep Ocean Lotus
We wanted to find something natural, beautiful and functional to wear to yoga class and after, when we head out for a cuppa. We looked and looked and couldnt find anything so we decided to make them ourselves. Our practice tops are made from cotton lycra. This allows the yogini to move, stretch and breathe in her beautiful piece of clothing. Easy to care for and looks fabulous on and off the mat. Machine washable. This practice top is a deep ocean colour with a lotus flower in white on the back. The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings and the awakening of true faith. Exceptional value. JUST ARRIVED!!!
Price: $44.00
Yoga Mat - Pink Ohm
This is a very attractive whilst still practical mat. Pink colour is beautiful and combines very sweetly with the turquoise ohm. Ohm is a vibrational sound and will uplift any soul and change the energy in any room. Anyone can make the sound and save their souls. Yoga allows for the full transformation of the soul and the ohm will facilitate this change. Designed to fit inside any of our yoga mat bags. Dimensions are 176cm x 61cm and 4mm thick."""
Price: $35.00
Mat Bag Red Foil Lotus
This is a vibrant and beautiful yoga mat bag. The golden foil of the print is striking against the red of our Yoga Mat Bag. Manufactured from 100% cotton. This bag is very strong and will handle washing in the machine. The strap is adjustable to make it just right for any size yogi. The pocket on the side will fit one of our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows or your keys and wallet. The golden ohm on the pocket flap is our favourite. The vibration of the universe. The sound from within. The golden lotus flower symbolises new beginnings. The journey towards the light, from the muddy waters of the pond. Our yoga mat bags are beautiful and practical. Life is about beauty and why not your yoga mat bag as well. Enjoy your yoga JUST ARRIVED!!! """
Price: $139.99
Skins- Long Tights
Skins compression garments create more oxygen where its needed when you are working hard, training long or trying to recover fast. For more information and to have a look at the entire range check out