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Ninth Wave Fitness


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Ninth Wave Fitness

Matthew Millward – Owner and Director

Matthew is the owner and one of the directors of Ninth Wave Fitness.

Matthew started his career in the Information Technology and Banking Industry working for a global investment bank, which took him to Tokyo. He completed an MBA at MGSM in Sydney, and worked as a manger with one of the big four consulting firms in the UK.

Matthew experienced the same problems many people in corporate jobs face today – he was getting older, less active, heavier, more stressed, and less healthy as he climbed the corporate ladder. Given his passion for surfing (but sadly, little talent) and his love for Sydney – he decided to take a leap, emigrate from the UK, re-train as a strength coach, and teach other people how to blend their own professional demands with a healthier lifestyle.

Having already taken many clients to levels of strength and fitness they did not imagine possible, Matthew is ready to translate his own approach into a philosophy for all to follow at Ninth Wave Fitness. With 10+ years corporate experience; 5+ years training experience; and dedication to continuous education programs at Charles Poliquins International Strength Institute, Matthew and the Ninth Wave Team will be the gym to go to for the highest quality training and guaranteed results.
Suzanne Bartkiw – co-owner and Director

Suzanne is a co-director of Ninth Wave Fitness and is a qualified fitness instructor. She works in the Financial Services Industry in IT but has a passion for Fitness spanning more than 25 years!

Suzanne just loves to push fitness boundaries and inspires women to be stronger and leaner than they could have imagined. Suzanne is a product of her own training and shows everyone that having a high flying job is no barrier to getting into and staying in phenomenal shape!

Suzanne has seen members of her family suffer through ill health – much of which could have been prevented through healthier living. Suzanne has worked with Poliquin Coaches in the past to ensure her own health is as good as it can be and is excited to open Ninth Wave Fitness and be able to help many more people find the energy and vitality to live life to the fullest.